How do I purchase your program?

You can email us directly, or fill out a contact form asking for the program and choosing which option you would like. We will then send you an invoice.

How will it be delivered?

On receipt of the invoice you will receive our Program via Docsend in a PDF format. The printing pack can be downloaded and the E program viewed via your individualised link.

How long have you been running the program?

We started running the program in 2018.

What have been the improvements you have seen in children?

Please see our results page for the improvements; however, the biggest improvement is in the children’s confidence as they enter the program. Their bodies are stronger and they are able to focus and participate in a non-competitive environment.

How many pages is your program?

Approximately 500 pages with resources.

Where do I go for support with the program?

Providing you have an active membership, you can email us for ongoing support. We will be sending our members regular ideas and updates to support the implementation of the program. Online and in-person workshops will also be held. If you do not have an active membership but would like to know more about the program you can contact us with your queries through our contact page.

Is this an evidence-based program?

Yes, we have completed pre- and post-testing on all of our students that have been in the program. The Program was further developed taking into consideration the evidence and research completed showing where developmental gaps were highlighted.