Move Learn Grow assists in integrating left and right brain functions, actively works on integrating primitive reflexes, provides sensory integration techniques, develops coordination and motor planning, furthers language and social skills, enhances working memory, increases executive functioning, whilst also supporting literacy and numeracy.

The program begins with a standardised Motor Skill Assessment, in order to determine any areas that require strengthening. Group sessions start with a fine motor activity and exploratory play. Circle time is an opportunity to further develop listening and social competency skills. Children are then grouped according to abilities to work though the set stations designed to work on specific skills that are essential to every child.

At the end of the program we work on primitive reflexes essential in every child’s neurological development before practising quiet breathing and mindfulness. This is all designed to support each child in achieving a calm-alert state ready to support their learning journey. Most importantly, it’s FUN, disguising the hard work they are doing to assisting them in reaching their full potential.