The program begins with a standardised Motor Skill Collective Assessment to determine any gaps or challenges in motor development for each participant. This is followed by sessions that start with a fine motor skill and exploratory play, then set stations designed to work on skills that are essential to every child.

After working on the foundational levels of development in the Move Learn Grow program, assessment results have shown that a child
can then reach a greater level of academic performance, motor-based achievement and confidence.

The test for all new students assesses the following skills: Fine Motor Precision, Fine
Motor Integration, Balance, Strength, Bi-Lateral Coordination, Manual Dexterity, Upper Limb Coordination and Speed.

Recent students of the program gained significant improvement over a period of 4-9 months. For example, a 6-year-old boy with an initial test
of 24% age related norm, reached 79% after 4 months with Move Learn Grow.